Lake Dillon Fire and Red, White & Blue Fire table consolidation



25 January 2013



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Lake Dillon Fire and Red, White & Blue Fire table consolidation

The respective boards of directors of the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District and the Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District have decided to table consolidation of the two fire departments after running into numerous complexities.

The two departments have been engaged in earnest discussions for more than a year now and performed intense analysis and planning in an effort to mesh the two departments.

But obstacles such as differences in accreditation, major capital needs and structural organization have required both departments to step back and resume independent – but cooperative – operations.

“Merging these two organizations has proven to be very difficult, and, unfortunately, we have many issues that we have not been able to resolve,” said Jerry “Doc” Peterson, president of the LDFPD Board. “Both departments remain committed to serving our shared community in a professional, efficient manner, providing excellent, seamless emergency response.”

Peterson said he does not regret the exercise, which has proven insightful and productive beyond solely reaching the goal of becoming one organization.

Chief Jim Keating of the Red White & Blue Fire District agrees that the study process thus far has yielded solid information that will provide the opportunity for stronger working relationships between the districts. Chief Keating indicated that the process has identified items that need further study, and determinations and such must be accomplished independently by each district prior to any decision to move forward with the consolidation process. The future holds the possibility of numerous joint ventures between the districts.

Lake Dillon Fire Chief Dave Parmley similarly appreciated the effort that went into the consolidation process and indicated that the two departments have only increased their mutual respect and admiration.

“We’ll continue operating as a team with our counterparts at Red, White & Blue, cooperating and collaborating on all manner of activities,” he said. “It’s not going to change anything we’re dealing with day to day, and we maintain an excellent working relationship across all divisions.”


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