LDFPD Board minutes 26 June 2012


Lake Dillon Fire Protection District

Tuesday June 26, 2012 – Station 8

Call to Order: The Regular meeting of the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District Board of Directors was called to order at 8:00 AM by President Jerry Peterson.

Roll Call: Board Members present were Jerry Peterson, Linda St. John, Larry Gilliland, and Rob Sollenberger. Jim Cox was excused. Others in attendance were Chief Parmley, Deputy Chief Berino, Assistant Chiefs Greene, Farrell and Skulski, Matt Scheer, Steve Lipsher, and Linda Boucher. RWB Chief Lori Miller also attended the meeting. Station 8 “C’ Shift attended the meeting briefly before leaving for training. Jack Taylor of Lower Blue FPD attended the meeting from 8:00-8:20 AM. Charles “Chic” Koran attended the meeting 8:55-10:40 AM. Lt. Jason Bell welcomed the Board to Station 8 and excused himself and his crew to attend training.

Changes to Agenda: Chief Parmley requested the addition of 7.E under New Business to discuss the renewal of the Summit County Mutual Aid Agreement. Lower Blue FPD

Update: Jack Taylor, Treasurer of the LBFPD, attended and updated the Board. Both Boards are happy with the current IGA and Taylor said his Board would be open to discuss consolidation in the future. Some discussion pursued about the periodic check, start-up and inspection of the tender housed in the Heeney Station.

Consent Agenda:

   A. Approval of Minutes – May 15 Regular Meeting Minutes. M/S/P St. John and Gilliland to approve the minutes as presented. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

   B. Approval of Warrants – May 2012/June 2012. M/S/P Gilliland and St. John to approve the Warrants as presented. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

   C. Financial Report for All Funds – Mayl 2012. M/S/P Gilliland and St. John to approve all Financial Reports as presented. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Unfinished Business:

   Consolidation Update: Chief Parmley reported that all Task Forces have been meeting regularly and making good progress on their assigned areas. Chiefs Parmley and Miller will be meeting with the Towns and the County in the near future to discuss the consolidation progress. The Almont Consulting proposal was discussed. M/S/P Gilliland and St. John to approve the hiring of Almont and Associates. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

   Town of Dillon Urban Renewal: The Board reviewed the latest proposal from the Town of Dillon and felt that this was likely the best agreement we would get from them. M/S/P St. John and Sollenberger to accept the proposal as presented. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Deed Transfer (Lots 1 & 2 Cottonwood PUD): We have been advised that the Town of Silverthorne and the Blue River Company are actually talking and trying to resolve the water issues. Public Works Director Bill Linfield hoped to have this resolved in the next month.

   Budget Strategic Options: The Summit County Assessor amended her prediction of the decrease in assessed valuation from 8-10% down to 5% which was encouraging news. A discussion took place regarding a ballot question for November, the wording, and the election process. The Board directed staff to refine the ballot question using 9 mills, have legal review, and develop talking points for the Board. If the decision is made to go ahead with the question a Citizen’s Committee would be formed and close attention paid to election deadlines, particularly early voting. A final decision will be made at the July Board meeting.

New Business:

   Employee Housing Offer Sheet: A discussion of the Cooper Properties offer on the Employee Housing building took place with Summit County Realty Broker Chic Koran who felt that the offer was a fair, valid offer and that the potential buyer was not overly concerned with the special deed restriction. Mr. Koran felt the District should work on getting the restrictions revised or eliminated. M/S/P Sollenberger and St. John to approve the Term Offer Sheet. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

   Service Fee Assessment Schedule: Chief Parmley presented a draft resolution to replace Resolution 2012-01 changing fees for Out of District responses. Some word changes were suggested. The Board reached consensus to proceed and a Public Hearing will be posted for July 17.

   Payroll Proposal: A proposal to use Amcheck to provide payroll services to LDFPD was presented. A brief discussion took place and direction to check with Debbie Crady. M/S/P Gilliland and Sollenberger to proceed with the Amcheck payroll service. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

   Wildfire Suppression: Chief Parmley relayed to the Board the high cost of wildland firefighting and asked the Board to set a “trigger point” at which the Board members would be notified. This amount was set by the Board at $50,000.00 as preauthorized for the Chief or his designee to expend on suppression of a wildfire. Mutual Aid Assistance: Chief Parmley presented an updated version of the Summit County Mutual Aid Agreement. Some edits were suggested be Director Gilliland. He will forward his comments to Chief Parmley. No action taken.

Staff Reports:

   Summit Fire Authority: Chief Parmley reported that the SFA audit was presented and approved at their last meeting. There are three days of wildland training this week. No word has been received from Climax regarding their training.

   Wildfire Council: Chief Berino reported that 9 of 20 applications for grant funds were approved by the Council and subsequently approved by the BOCC.

   Administration: Nothing in addition to written report.

   Human Resources: Nothing in addition to written report.

   Community Services Bureau: In addition to his written report, Chief Skulski reported that Lowe’s anticipates opening in mid-August, Denver Water may not complete their project at the dam this year, and that Whole Foods is proposing a 25,000 square foot store in Frisco and hopes to do some infrastructure work this summer. He also reported that the Hydrant and Distribution Task Force has completed their work.

   Support Services: Chief Farrell reported that IT was working with CenturyLink to increase our bandwidth. The boiler at Station 12 has been replaced. The Facilities Task Force has completed a draft report and it is being reviewed. The IT Task Force will complete an RFP by June 15 to solicit a consultant to look at the computer systems of LDFPD and RWB and offer ideas for the future.

   Operations: Chief Greene reported that Engine 8 is back in service after cam seal and transfer case seal warranty repair. A new Wildland First Assignment procedure went into effect Monday 6/25 effectively paging all resources right away for a confirmed fire. The Training Task Force has completed their work and the Apparatus and Equipment Task Force is still working on their report.

   Deputy Chief: Chief Berino reported that Buffalo Mountain Metro District will be redoing Wildernest Road and we can expect partial closures for 5-6 weeks this summer. Chief Berino is tracking the progress of Task Forces on Microsoft Project. County Emergency Manager Joel Cochran conducted an excellent Elected Officials Training last week on how and when to declare emergencies and how to access funding. He may present the program again in the near future and our Board members were strongly urged to attend.

   Chief: Chief Parmley reviewed his report. In addition he reported that the Frisco Town Board would meet tonight and make a decision on the 4th of July fireworks.

Board Comments: No comments.

Adjournment: With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM. _____________________

Approved this____ day of ________2012.

Linda Boucher, Secretary __________________________________

Jerry Peterson, President __________________________________

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