All about the tonsil stones

If someone asks you as where stones can get formed in human body, then you can think only about the kidneys. Well, kidneys are not a single place where stones can form, the tonsil are one more location were the hard or painful stones get developed in some people. Basically, the tonsils are gland structures in back of throat. One can locate them pocket in both sides. The tonsils are made of the tissue which includes the lymphocytes that are cells in body and are related for preventing and fighting the infections. It is also believed that tonsils are also that plays major role in immune system and known for functioning as the nets, the trapping incoming of bacteria or the virus particles which passes through throat.

What causes the tonsil stones?

Most of the medical experts around state that tonsils sometimes don’t perform its job well. Well, in many of the instances the tonsil stones removal are formed. When the tonsils get filled with crannies or nooks and where the bacteria or some more material including the mucous or dead cells become trapped. When all such things take place, debris can turn concentrated in white formations and occur in pockets afterwards. They are also termed as the tonsilloliths which gets formed when the trapped debris calcifies or get hardened. This also tend to happen when of the people have chronic inflammation in their reputed bouts or tonsils.


As many people have the small tonsil stones that get developed in their tonsil, it is rare to have solidified and huge stone. These stones might not produce any systems but can be bit associated to bad breath or produces the pain while swallowing. It keeps on occurring in teens as compared to young children or adults. They don’t cause any of the noticeable symptoms when they are huge. Some of them get discovered only through CT scans or X-rays. Other symptoms include the metallic taste, throat tightening or closing, choking, coughing fits and others.

Treatment of tonsil stones

The great treatment for these stone depends on its size and potential of causing harm or discomfort. Some of the best treatment plan includes as,

  • No treatment: yes, many of them consist of no symptoms which don’t need any treatment
  • Home removal: some of the people selects for dislodging the tonsil stones on their own with use of swabs and picks
  • Gargles with salt water: gargling well with the salty water or warm one can help in easing discomfort of the tonsils and which accompanies well the tonsil stones.

Can these be prevented?

As the tonsil stones are common in most of the people that have chronic tonsillitis, the surefire way of preventing them is surgical removal of tonsils. Such procedure is termed as the tonsillectomy which removes tissues of tonsils completely and eliminates well possibilities of the formation of these tonsil stones. Know everything about and try following its treatment plan mentioned above for quick solution from these stones.


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