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Instagram is one of the most popular social networking app, with a 5-star rating by about 3 million of its followers. The app is famous for its photo and video sharing feature along with a variety of filters and frames that can be used to make the content more artistic and eye-catching Get guide on Instagram Login with Facebook and learns how to sign in to Instagram with Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace and more!!

How can Instagram be used?

Here are the various ways in which Instagram is used:

  • It allows the users to post images and videos on their profile as feed by editing them using various editing tools.
  • It is possible to share multiple pictures and videos in a single post. The feed can be viewed in both vertical as well as horizontal grids.
  • The story feature allows users to post pictures and videos temporarily.
  • The Instagram Direct feature allows personal sharing of content between selected contacts.
  • The Explore tab, lets the users connect to Instagram users all over the world, maybe having similar tastes.

The latest version of the app for Android is the Instagram 10.31.0.

How is the Instagram Login done?

Here are some steps on how to create a new account for Instagram.

  1. The Instagram app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android and Windows Phone Store for Windows 8 and 10.
  2. After the installation procedure is over, the Instagram logo is touched.
  3. Look for the Sign-up option, which asks for the users email ID. It is also possible to use Facebook login details to access Instagram.
  4. Now, a user name and a unique password should be created and the profile form is to be filled-in.
  5. Once done, the new profile is created and ready to be used.

Is it possible to make an Instagram account, private?

The users of Instagram can make their accounts, private by following these simple instructions:

  1. Touch the profile icon on the right side of the menu bar at the bottom.
  2. Look for a gear/setting icon on the upper right corner. Under “Account” look for “Private Account” with an on/off button.
  3. Tap the button to turn it ON.

As long as the account remains private, only the people following the user can view the user’s feeds.

Final Words

Instagram has an amazing UI on all the platforms it is available for. Hence, signing up or logging in is a kid’s play. Every user so far can only enjoy the app through its wonderful method of content sharing.

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