Man got arrested for Creating Fake Facebook Account to break Engagement of Woman


Facebook, one of the Popular Social Networking sites has become a domicile of fake accounts where people are deceiving others by creating fake accounts. Facebook is a place where one can post updates, share it among beloved ones, but day-by-day this popular site is being distorted by some persons. A man from Godavari area of the city got arrested for ostensibly opening a woman’s fake Facebook account The Windows Central and attempts to break her engagement on Thursday. The accused has a one-side love for the woman, and so as to break her engagement, he has created a fake account on Facebook.

Man creates fake Facebook account- arrested

Uploads Photos of Woman- Threatens her brother

The accused who attempted to break a woman’s engagement named Pinto Rajaram Chaudhary is a resident of Madhusudan Society in Goddard from SURAT. Goddard Police had arrested the accused for allegedly creating a woman’s fake Facebook account. He also uploaded photos of the woman whom he loved without her knowledge. As soon as the victim’s brother came to know about this fake account, he asked the accused, Chaudhary to delete that account. But he refused to do so and in turn threaten him. According to the statement of victim’s brother, the accused had made calls to the brother of them woman several times in order to threaten him.

Investigation unveiled the truth

In the investigation of Goddard Police, it was revealed that the woman stays in the neighbouring locality where the accused, Chaudhary lives. Recently, her family was shifted to some other location where the woman got engaged. Chaudhary is unemployed since few months and tried to build relation with the woman. But she refused to love him in the past. As the accused had on one-side love for the woman, he couldn’t bear that his beloved ones is going to leave him and being engaged. That’s the reason; he decided to break her engagement. As part of the plan, he created a fake Facebook account of the woman and uploaded her photos and generated mess over her fake facebook account. “Truth never hides”, some or the other time it gets revealed. Finally, he got arrested for doing such illegal activities on the popular social networking site.

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