IQ Option Broker Review – Read Pros and Cons

IQ Option is a broker of the binary options trading platform. They are quite unique as they have built their own trading platform. A total of 78 assets is available for trading on this platform. The only commodity that you can trade on is Gold. This platform even offers you speed trading in increments of up to 5 minutes.

This is one of the best binary options trading platforms. You can open accounts in both US Dollars and Rusian Rouble. They have around 13 trading tools with which the beginner traders can open demo accounts with using real money. There are some advantages and disadvantages of the IQ option review and some of those have been listed below.

Pros and Cons of IQ Option:

As it has been already mentioned above that IQ options are quite unique.  Check out their Pros and cons down below.


  • IQ Option has very good deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses of up to 100% are available.
  • The variety of options available is quite good in comparison to other trading platforms.
  • They even provide excellent returns which are around 92%.
  • The minimum investment that you need to make to start trading is the lowest when compared to others.
  • IQ Option is regulated by CYSEC Agency.
  • They offer the best interactive learning tools.
  • Bitcoin Index is used by them and this helps you in trading even on weekends and holidays.


  • The trading tools provided by them are quite limited.
  • Early termination programs are also not available with this Broker.
  • The price graph of IQ Option doesn’t have any Indicators.
  • Traders from the countries like USA, Canada, Israel, Syria, Iran and Sudan are not accepted.
  • Sometimes it is quite slow and irresponsive. The reason behind that is the presence of some bugs.

For beginner traders, this is the best platform. It provides them the perfect opportunity to learn and gain experience about the Binary Options Trading platform. IQ Option even has a mobile app which is very user-friendly. This app is probably one of the best technical innovations. Though there are some disadvantages of this app but I would still recommend you to use this.

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