Press release: Firefighters encourage residents to “adopt a hydrant”




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20 December 2016


Firefighters encourage residents to “adopt a hydrant”


With recent snowfall turning Summit County into its usual skier’s paradise, local firefighters are asking residents to “adopt a fire hydrant” and dig it out for access in case of a fire.


Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue personnel clear snow away from hydrants as time permits, but with hundreds of hydrants throughout Summit County, the task is gargantuan, and help from our neighbors is needed.


“In case of a fire, when minutes can mean the difference in saving a structure – or a life – being able to get to water is critical,” said Lake Dillon Chief Jeff Berino. “Digging out a hydrant during an emergency takes valuable time that we might not have.”


Berino suggested that residents should consider a hydrant closest to their home as a lifeline, requiring the simple maintenance of digging away snow left by natural accumulation and snow plows.


“The abundant snow is one of the reasons many of us have chosen to live here,” he said. “But it definitely can pose an obstacle to firefighters getting to a hydrant quickly. Helping us in keeping hydrants clear helps everybody in the event of a fire.”




CUTLINE INFORMATION: Summit County’s firefighters appreciate any help in clearing snow from hydrants to ensure easy and quick access in case of a fire. Credit: Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue

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