January 19, 2016 Approved Board Minutes


Lake Dillon Fire Protection District

Tuesday January 19, 2016 – Station 10


Call to Order:

The Regular meeting of the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District Board of Directors was called to order at 8:00 AM.


Roll Call:

Board Members present were Jim Cox, Rob Sollenberger, Larry Gilliland, Lori Miller, and Jen Barchers. Staff members in attendance were Chief Jeff Berino, Assistant Chiefs Bruce Farrell, Steve Skulski and Joe Hegenderfer, Board Secretary/Asst. Treasurer Mary Hartley, Lieutenants Brian Schenking and John Wilkerson and Division Chief Don Koogal.


Guests:  Wanda Wilkerson and Jason Cog from Rosenbauer.


Changes to Agenda:



Public Comments:




Chief Berino presented two Captain promotions to Brian Schenking and John Wilkerson.  Jason Bell was ill and will be recognized at the next Board meeting.


Consent Agenda:

The following items were presented:

Minutes of the December 8, 2015 Regular Meeting with proposed changes

Warrants: December 4, 2015 – January 15, 2016

Financial Report for All Funds – December 2015

Resolution 2016-01- authorizing Jeff Berino and Mary Hartley to manage Bonds and Securities for the District.

After discussion and questions,

M/S/P Miller and Sollenberger to approve Consent Agenda as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Unfinished Business:

Chief Berino reviewed the District’s Station Use Policy with the Board. It was recommended to change the use granted only to governmental, quasi-governmental and nonprofit entities. Director Sollenberger advised adding a 10 day request in advance by all requestors. The policy will be updated and finalized with these recommendations.


New Business:

Resolution 2016-02 designating the posting locations for meeting notices was presented.

M/S/P Gilliland and Barchers to approve Resolution 2016-02 as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Resolution 2016-03 adopting the 2016 LDFPD Fee Schedule. Chief Berino presented the 2016 Fee Schedule highlighting the few changes.

M/S/P    and     to approve Resolution 2016-03 as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Resolution 2016-04 authorizing the Fire Chief or Acting Chief to Obligate Funds for         Emergency Response Measures.

M/S/P    and     to approve Resolution 2016-04 as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Resolution 2016-05 designating a Liaison Officer for Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Recovery.

M/S/P    and     to approve Resolution 2016-05 as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Resolution 2016-06 appointing Mary Hartley as the Designated Election Official.

M/S/P    and       to approve Resolution 2016-06 as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Staff Reports:

Summit Fire Authority: Don Koogal presented the Learning, Training and Development plan for 2016. This plan has been distributed to all Districts. The schedule allows one fire and one EMS training per month. Koogal is updating the training center to meet the training needs as well as increasing security.  HCTC received five applicants for the open training position and only one of the applicants was qualified. The position will be reposted with changes to the qualifications to allow more applicants.


AC Hegenderfer added that the District is comfortable with the current training and there is accountability that wasn’t there in the past.


Division Chief Koogal provided training to the District’s Fire Corp at their last meeting.


Wildfire Council:  There was no meeting held in the month of January.


Finance:  In addition to the written report, Hartley reported


Human Resources: Hartley presented two additional resolutions for the Board to approve.

Resolution 2016-07 appointing Matt Scheer as the representative to the County Health Pool and Resolution 2016-08 appointing Matt Scheer as the representative to the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool.


M/S/P Sollenberger and Barchers to approve Matt Scheer as the representative on both the County Health Pool and the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Fire Prevention Division:   In addition to the written report, AC Skulski shared that the Division was down 5% in the number of permits it in 2016 vs 2015.


Accreditation:  Chief Berino has asked Captain Schenking to include a monthly report to the Board. Schenking will be attending the February Board meeting to update the Board.


Support Services: In addition to the written report, AC Farrell reported that Verizon is now waiting on us to give access to our Electric Meter. The new agreement is currently being reviewed by Mark Richmond. Verizon will have their own gas meter. Summit County Communications Center has renamed to Summit County 911 Center. We are moving along with the STation 8 project. We hope to bid in February and the construction to take place in June.


Operations:  In addition to the written report, AC Hegenderfer reported the Captn’s have embraced their new role and will


I want to recognize Jeremiah Smith. He found his own grant to become a HazMat tech and passed.


BC Davis has been updating the District to Active Threat. He has speerheaded writing an active trheat shared . The Colo Info Analysis Ctr has a class for an active …..Congratulations .. He has done a lot of work in that area and it is new to us.


EMS update. All is going well. The crews are seeing how busy those medics are and have a new respect for EMS personell. We have done many transports to Grand Junction and Denver.


Jason Culey from Rosenbauer attended.  We will be replacing 2 vehicles for this one and tactical tender. Since 9/11 the manufacturers for the parts now build when ordered and realized they had too much inventory and the items had a shelf life with the new technology. Rosenbauer is a custom fire truck builder and we build the needs for the fire district.  The replacement vehicles – 1987 old pierce and the fire king. Type 2 tactical tender.


Chief: In addition to the written report, Chief Berino reported 2 add’l items. We have a new flag for honor guard and met yesterday with the County Commissioners for the County Commons area. It is a well thought out process and we have been included because of our training center. Our training center will not be moved per the 10-20 year buildout plan.


Mutual Aid Agreement with Hot Sulpher Springs and Parshall regarding Ute Pass Road and meet at the Henderson Mill.


Director Cox and Chief Berino met with the Silverthorne Town Council. The Town of Silverthorne is interested in purchasing our Station 10 and the property north of town. They would like the first right of refusal for the sale of our property.  We told them we want market value for this property. They are also interested in the Cottonwood site. Behind Cum and Go is a 2 acre piece of land that is available.


56 out of 59 people replied to the survey I sent out. I took the top and bottom 10% of the responses out and compiled the results. The major concerns included EMS.  All in all very positive responses and


Board Comments:

1475 – 250 County Discount. Gilliland shared that he rec’d the county ambulance bill and received the $250 discount per ride that is available to all Summit County residents.



M/S/P Sollenberger and Miller to adjourn the meeting at 10:12 AM.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.

Copy of signed January 2016 minutes.

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