LDFR 12/8/2015 Minutes


Lake Dillon Fire Protection District

Tuesday December 8, 2015 – Station 10

Call to Order:

The Regular meeting of the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District Board of Directors was called to order at 8:00 AM.


Roll Call:

Board Members present were Jim Cox, Rob Sollenberger, Lori Miller, Jen Barchers and Larry Gilliland by telephone. Staff members in attendance were Chief Jeff Berino, Assistant Chiefs Bruce Farrell, Steve Skulski and Joe Hegenderfer, BC Travis Davis, Board Secretary/Asst. Treasurer Mary Hartley, HR Manager Matt Scheer, and PIO Steve Lipsher.


Changes to Agenda:



Public Comments:



Consent Agenda:

The following items were presented:

Minutes of the November 17, 2015 Regular Meeting with proposed changes

Warrants: November 13, 2015 – December 3, 2015

Financial Report for All Funds – November 2015

After discussion and questions,

M/S/P Sollenberger and Barchers to approve Consent Agenda as presented.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Budget Adoption Resolutions:

Chief Berino reviewed the changes made to the 2016 Budget document since the November Public Hearing. After questions and discussion:


M/S/P Gilliland and Miller to adopt the 2016 Budget as stated in Resolution 2015-12.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.

M/S/P Gilliland and Miller to appropriate Sums of Money as stated in Resolution 2015-13.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.

M/S/P Gilliland and Miller to set the Mill Levy as stated in Resolution 2015-14.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


New Business:

Selection and Approval of Audit firm:

Finance Manager Hartley reviewed the final two audit firms that were narrowed down from the five RFPs received.  The two firms were Eide Bailly and Anton Collins Mitchell. After questions and discussion,

M/S/P Gilliland and Miller to accept Anton, Collins Mitchell LLP as auditors for 2015 and 2016 for Lake Dillon Fire Protection District.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.




Unfinished Business:

Discussion on Station Use Policy:

HR Manager Scheer presented the draft Station Use Policy to the Board. Changes included District personnel reviewing media releases prior to advertising in local newspaper. Director Sollenberger requested a summary, at the next Board meeting, of the entities requesting use of our stations this past year and which entities are charging a fee. The form name will change to “Station Use Agreement” from “Station Use Permit” to eliminate confusion with permitting fees charged through our Fire Protection Department. Director Sollenberger is still uncomfortable having fees charged and people making money while using public facilities.


Staff Reports:

Summit Fire Authority: In addition to the written report, Director Miller reported meeting this Thursday to approve the budget showing a 4.1% proposed increase. The capital budget increased to improve the current building. It was disappointing to see the numbers of District personnel who completed the on-line training in the SFA report. SFA is budgeting for a Specials Ops Officer and is advertising nationwide in December. This position will be a Training Officer.


Wildfire Council: In addition to the written report, Director Cox reported the Council plans to provide the chipping program again next year. The chips are being absorbed by the Climax Molybdenum Mine for reclamation work.


Finance:  In addition to the written report, Hartley reported receiving the first wildland fire reimbursement for the Porterville Fire in California.  We received close to 100% of requested charges. The Caselle implementation will be pushed back until after the first quarter of 2016 due to server issues and schedules.


Human Resources: Nothing in addition to the written report.


Fire Prevention Division: In addition to the written report, AC Skulski shared that they are busy with a $3 million dollar remodel of City Market in Dillon and a new building in front of the Silverthorne Recreation Center on Rainbow Drive which will include commercial property on the lower level and residential above.


Accreditation: LT Schenking has kicked off the accreditation work by meeting with all key personnel to help him gather the data.


Support Services: In addition to the written report, AC Farrell reported the upgrade to NEMSIS 3.1, the County’s records management system, is a significant project for 2016. The County fire districts will maintain High Plains software and will release a new version 6.0 by September 2016. This complies with the Communications Center deadline of January 1, 2017. The District will be responsible for maintaining the historical records on the District server. The Verizon tower is still under construction with no defined completion date. The electric meter for Verizon will be shared with our meter. Xcel only allows one meter per address.  Verizon will have a downstream meter so we will be able to verify electricity usage and how much to charge for reimbursement on a monthly basis.


AC Farrell shared a request by a neighbor and President of the homeowners association for the property behind Station 12 in Summit Cove. There is debilitated fence and fence line behind Station 12. The owner would like us to close this access and fix the old fence to reduce unwanted public traffic. This fence is pre-existing and on the District property. The entire fence is approximately 100 feet long.  AC Farrell will close up the small open area and reassess the fence in 2016 and bring options back to the Board.


The Fire Corps Annual Holiday party is tomorrow night at 6:00 PM, December 9, 2015 at Station 11. All Board members are invited. We will be honoring Andrew Rajka for his 25 years of service with the Fire District.


Operations:  In addition to the written report, AC Hegenderfer reported all crews have completed the EMS module training and their ride alongs. The District will have more crew members to help cover Medic 11. The next round of training will be in May, 2016.  AC Hegenderfer reported an incident reporting disclaimer. When a call comes in and all three districts answer, originally the incident was recorded in High Plains by all three districts and each would receive credit for the same incident. Now only the Incident Commander will write the report and the credit will go to the corresponding District. When comparing incidents from this year to last, this change will affect the annual numbers.


Chief: In addition to the written report, Chief Berino reported that Centura has asked Summit Medical Center to look at the feasibility of a Fire Brigade to be available for any future incidents. A letter was received from the AT&T President regarding the north cell tower confirming AT&T is dropping the leasehold interest on Johnson’s Road located by Ute Pass Road.


Board Comments:

Director Gilliland personally thanked the crews for their help.



M/S/P Sollenberger and Miller to adjourn the meeting at 9:46 AM.

Vote:  All in favor, none opposed.


Mary Hartley, Board Secretary    Approved this 19thday of January 2015

Jim Cox, President


Download Signed Copy of Minutes Here.

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