October 20, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Lake Dillon Fire Protection District
Tuesday October 20, 2015 – Station 10

Call to Order:
The Regular meeting of the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District Board of Directors was called to order at 8:00 AM.

Roll Call:
Board Members present were Jim Cox, Rob Sollenberger, and Lori Miller. Larry Gilliland and Jen Barchers were excused. Staff members in attendance were Chief Jeff Berino, Assistant Chiefs Bruce Farrell, Steve Skulski and Joe Hegenderfer, Board Secretary/Asst. Treasurer Mary Hartley, HR Manager Matt Scheer, PIO Steve Lipsher, and Battalion Chief Travis Davis.

Guests included: Firefighter Josiah Christian, Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier and Dr. John Hillman.

Changes to Agenda:
Move 5D-discussion on station use policy to next month’s meeting.
Add nomination of HR Manager Scheer as a Trustee on the Trust Committee of the Colorado
Firefighter Heart and Circulatory Benefits Trust for the next 2 years to item SF.

Public Comments:

Consent Agenda:
The following items were presented:
Minutes of the September 15, 2015 Regular Meeting
Warrants: September 12, 2015 – October 16, 2015
Financial Report for All Funds – September 2015
After discussion and questions,
M/S/P Sollenberger and Miller to approve Consent Agenda as presented. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

New Business:
Introduction of new Firefighter Josiah Christian:
BC Davis introduced new Firefighter Josiah Christian to the Board. Christian is assigned to C­
Shift at Station 11.

Introduction of Training Chief Donal Koogle:
Chief Berino introduced the new Training Chief of the High Country Training Center, Donald
Koogle to the Board.

Update and discussion on SB-152 – County Commissioner Stiegelmeier:
Karn Stiegelmeier requested the District’s public support for the current lA ballot measure.
Ballot measure lA authorizes Summit County to construct cell phone towers. This is a requirement of Colorado Senate Bill 152, passed in 2005, which mandates voter approval before state municipalities can devote revenue to improve local broadband service. The lack of cell coverage in Summit County has impacted public safety and Stiegelmeier is requesting support from the District by either a letter to the editor, article in the newspaper or a resolution showing support in restoring   cell service in our County. If ballot lA passes, the County can ask for a DOLA grant for broadband coverage and contract with individual cell carriers.

PIO Lipsher will draft a letter of support for this ballot issue for the Board’s review and approval.

Discussion on Station Use Policy:
Moved to next meeting.

Review and approval of revised staff salary structure:
M/S/P Miller and Sollenberger to nominate HR Manager Scheer as a Trustee on the Trust Committee of the Colorado Firefighter Heart and Circulatory Benefits Trust for the next 2 years. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

HR Manager Scheer presented the proposed 2016 salary ranges to the Board. The salary range schedule is updated every other year. Schemer’s recommendations are based on the comparison of the 2014 salary range schedule to the Colorado average salaries and other fire/EMS agencies by position. The goal is to attract qualified candidates and to keep our current staff competitively paid. Scheer proposed a 3% increase at seven years of service. This will be given to employees who have reached their seven years as of 12/31/2015. It will be divided over two years. 1.5% in 2016 and 1.5% in 2017. This increase is in conjunction with the 3% CPI increase to all staff members.

M/S/P Sollenberger and Miller to approve the proposed 2016 LDFR salary ranges. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Review of Draft 2016 Budget:
Chief Berino and Finance Manager Hartley presented the draft 2016 general budget highlighting the significant changes and answered questions from the Board.   Overall, the reaction of the Board was positive regarding   the proposed expenditures for 2016 which were within the 2016 generated revenues received for general operations.

Unfinished Business:
Update on Ambulance – Cross Staffing:
Chief Berino and AC Hegenderfer announced the next large group meeting with the County will be held Thursday, October 29, 2015. Director Sollenberger will attend with the Chiefs. The District began cross training the crew on October 1, 2015. Crews are enjoying the new transition.

Jake’s Roost Update:
AC Farrell updated the Board on the current status of the Jake’s Roost Property, The District is upgrading   the plumbing   and repairing   leaks. All concerns   from the buyer   are being addressed. The District’s broker, Jack Wolfe, is confident the property will close by the end of November. The District is unaware of the buyer’s intent with the current renters. District repairs total $19,000.00.

Review IGA List:
Chief Berino updated the Board on the most current IGA master list. Berino will update the list and present it in the first quarter of 20 16.

Staff Reports:
Summit Fire Authority: In addition to the written report, Director Miller reported that SFA is discussing changing the EMS coordinator position to a training position.

Wildfire   Council:   In addition to the written report, Director Cox reported wrapping up the summer chipping program. The Council hasn’t decided what to do with the extra chips since the power plant burned down.

Finance: In addition to the written report, Hartley reported attending the FPP A Summit meeting yesterday. In 2016, all changes to benefit recipients will be made online by the employer group alleviating paperwork.

Human Resources: Nothing in addition to the written report.

Fire Prevention Division:   In addition   to the written report, AC Skulski stated permits are winding down as construction projects finalize.

PIO Lipsher announced   the successful Citizens Awards meeting followed by the Brush Creek wildfire where   Station 10 was set up as the Communications   Headquarters. Fire Prevention Week was conducted holding 47 sessions involving a record 1,359 students. Photos are posted on the Lake Dillon Fire Facebook page.

Support Services: In addition to the written report, AC Farrell reported a wrinkle in the Verizon project. Xce1 energy will not install an additional meter for the Verizon cell tower at Station 12. The District will share the current meter and adjust the lease agreement   to add the monthly energy cost. Verizon wants to put an antenna on Station 10 to add additional points of access for Verizon.

Operations:   In addition to the written report, AC Hegenderfer   recognized   the following successes in October; Paul Camillo passed his driver operator exam, the   crews who are participating in EMS cross staffing and the crews who helped ready Jake’s   Roost property for sale. The after action for the Brush Creek wildfire will be held on Monday, October 26, 2015 at HCTC starting at 8:30 AM.

Chief: In addition to the written report, Chief Berino reported in December we will have to approve a resolution to hold an election in 2016 and make Hartley the District Election Officer. SDA was a valuable conference and an important lesson learned included taking direction from the entire Board and not one Board Director as well as communicated caution when emailing the Board as a group. An email that replies to all Board members can be construed as a public meeting. Please be careful and reply individually to Board members.

Board Comments:
Director Cox applauded the crews for their work on the Brush Creek wildfire.
Director Sollenberger reported that he has USAA insurance and is receiving a reduction in cost due to the District’s new ISO rating.

M/S/P Sollenberger and Miller to adjourn the meeting at 11:33 AM. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Mary Hartley, Board Secretary                                   Approved this 17th day of November 2015

Jim Cox, President

Copy of signed 10-20-15 Board Minutes

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