November 17, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Lake Dillon Fire Protection District
Tuesday November 17, 2015 – Station 10

Call to Order:
The Regular meeting of the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District Board of Directors was called to order at 8:13 AM.

Roll Call:
Board Members present were Jim Cox, Rob Sollenberger, Lori Miller, and Jen Barchers. Larry Gilliland was excused. Staff members in attendance were Chief Jeff Berino, Assistant Chiefs Steve Skulski and Joe Hegenderfer, Board Secretary/Asst. Treasurer Mary Hartley, HR Manager Matt Scheer, and PIO Steve Lipsher.

Guests included: Lieutenant Schenking and Firefighter Watson

Changes to Agenda:

Public Comments:

Consent Agenda:
The following items were presented:
Minutes of the October 20, 2015 Regular Meeting
Warrants: October 16, 2015 – November 13, 2015
Financial Report for All Funds – October 2015
After discussion and questions,
M/S/P Miller and Barchers to approve Consent Agenda as presented.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

New Business:
Introduction of new Firefighter Jenna Watson:
Chief Berino introduced new Firefighter Jenna Watson to the Board. Watson is assigned to A­ Shift at Station 8.

2016 Budget:
Chief Berino reviewed the budget documents and answered questions from the Board.

Public Hearing – Draft 2016 Budgets:
Public Hearing opened at 9:10 AM to hear any comments regarding the Draft 2016 Budgets for the General Fund, Pension Fund and Snake River Fleet Services. With no public comments the hearing was closed at 9:13 AM.

Update on Apparatus Replacement Schedule:
AC Hegenderfer presented the revised Apparatus Replacement Schedule to the Board. This plan was rewritten to fit the needs of the District. The schedule expectation is for the engines to run 10 years without major maintenance. After the initial 10 years there is a 5 year period during which the apparatus is monitored. After 15 years of service, the District places the apparatus in reserve and life expectancy is reviewed. The evaluation includes pump tests and review of safety features. Staff vehicle life has been increased from 7 years 170,000 miles to 10 years /100,000 miles.

Discussion and Adoption of 2016 Board Meeting Schedule:
Hartley reviewed the 2016 Board Meeting Schedule which will continue the current Board schedule of meeting every third Tuesday at 8 AM except for December.
M/S/P Miller and Sollenberger to adopt the 2016 Board Meeting Schedule as presented. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Brief tour of the new Engine 2:
The Board toured the new 2016 Pierce Enforcer Engine that arrived October 29, 2015 following the final inspection at the factory and delivery testing in Summit County. The engine will be put into service in December.

Unfinished Business:

Jakes Roost Update:
Chief Berino updated the Board on the current status of the Jakes Roost Property. The proposed closing date is now November 30, 2015. Director Cox is unavailable on that day so due to a prior Board motion, Director Sollenberger has the authority to sign the final papers.

Discussion on Station Use Policy:
Chief Berino shared the Station Use Policy with the Board. Director Sollenberger initiated discussion of who is allowed to use the District stations. Staff was tasked with rewriting the policy allowing the Fire Chief to deny use. A Draft policy will be presented at the December Board Meeting.

Staff Reports:
Summit Fire Authority: In addition to the written report, Director Miller announced the 2016 budget will be finalized by December 10, 2015 with an approximate 4% increase. The salary savings in 2015 will be transferred to the capital reserve. The Training Summit took place on November 10, 2015 with HCTC staff, Assistant Chiefs, Battalion Chiefs and other Officers to set the training direction for 2016. The 2016 plan for SFA is for Chief Koogal and crew to get management back on track, update the facility, hire a new trainer and set the 2016 training schedule based on the direction from the Training Summit.

Wildfire Council: In addition to the written report, Director Cox shared the minutes from the last
Wildfire Council meeting held on September 17, 2015.

Finance: In addition to the written report, Hartley reported finalizing the address sign grant with the County.

Human Resources: Nothing in addition to the written report.

Fire Prevention Division: In addition to the written report, AC Skulski reported the new Starbucks in Frisco will be opening next week. A number of projects will be completed soon. The Kaiser Permanente building is moving along. Dunkin’ Donuts is under permit and work has started on the building.

Accreditation: LT Schenking reported beginning the accreditation process. He has met with staff and shared their responsibilities.

Support Services:  In addition to the written report, Chief Berino, in AC Farrell’s absence, reported the Verizon project is closed in at Station 12. Xcel is unwilling to give Verizon its own electric meter at Station 12. AC Farrell is working with Verizon to address this issue. The new required CAD specifications will keep AC Farrell busy in 2016.

Operations: In addition to the written report, AC Hegenderfer reported LT Humann completed the Company Officer Leadership series and FF Grafmiller passed the fire code test and completed Firefighter Technician. B and C shifts worked on Jakes Roost to ready the property for pending sale.

Chief: In addition to the written report, Chief Berino reported the call load is up 8%+ with medical responses increasing. The District’s management team is brainstorming a list of all the committee meetings staff members attend both internally, externally, countywide and statewide. This is a tool for staff to divide, conquer and delegate responsibilities. The Silverthorne Town Core planning meeting will be held on November 18, 2015. Chief had previously met with the Town Manager and Assistant Town Manager and reported the Town wants first right of refusal for the Station 10 property. The District will require market value and has budgeted an appraisal for 2016. The Town broached the District’s Cottonwood site. They are interested in this property for Public Works. The Chief will meet with the Town Council on December 8, 2015 and would like a Board member to attend.

Executive Session:
M/S/P Miller and Sollenberger to move into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters under CRS Section 24-6-402(2)(f) at 10:31 AM.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed.
The Executive Session ended at 11:28 AM. Resume the Regular meeting at 11:29 AM.
M/S/P Cox and Miller to approve Chief Berino’s evaluation to include a 5.5% salary increase effective January 1, 2016.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Board Comments:
Director Miller presented the retirement gift of leather coasters in a wooden holder with the
LDFPD logo for vacating Board members.

Director Cox invited all Board members to the Fire Corps dinner at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at Station 11.

M/S/P Sollenberger and Miller to adjourn the meeting at 11:33 AM. Vote: All in favor, none opposed.

Mary Hartley, Board Secretary Approved this 8th day of December 2015.

Jim Cox, President

Actual Signed Copy of 11.17.15 Minutes

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