Press release: Lake Dillon Fire offers free “File of Life” medical-information packets

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4 May 2015


Contact: Steve Lipsher, Public Information Officer

Office: (970) 262-5209


Lake Dillon Fire offers free “File of Life” medical-information packets


The File of Life, which sticks to your refrigerator door, contains vital medical and contact information that can help emergency responders. It is one tool available to residents to ensure the best emergency medical response possible.

Lake Dillon Fire has a supply of free “File of Life” cards available to the public, which can be filled in with vital information such as emergency contacts and medical concerns.

The packets, which typically are posted on refrigerator doors with their own magnets, can speed up the emergency response by helping medics quickly assess conditions that may leave you incapacitated and ensuring that appropriate medical interventions are made.

“These can be one more tool for seniors and those with medical conditions such as diabetes, respiratory problems, severe allergies, heart and circulatory issues or other chronic conditions,” said Lake Dillon Fire Chief Dave Parmley.

Based on his previous experience as a paramedic in Fairfax County, Va., where the File of Life Program was implemented widely, Lake Dillon Fire Protection District Board Vice-President Rob Sollenberger can attest that having this information readily available to emergency medical service first responders in a known location is both a time and life saver.

In addition, people with medical conditions should consider wearing widely available medical-alert bracelets, which stay with the person all the time. And the “Health” app available on every up-to-date Apple iPhone and the “In Case of Emergency” app for Android phones can be filled out with vital information and accessed by emergency workers, even if the phone is otherwise locked.

The File of Life packets can be obtained at any staffed Lake Dillon Fire station during normal business hours.


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