Press release: Lake Dillon Fire offers half-price street-address signs

Lake Dillon Fire, Summit County team up to offer half-price street-address signs



3 July 2014


Contact: Steve Lipsher, Public Information Officer

Office: (970) 262-5209



Lake Dillon Fire, Summit County team up to offer half-price street-address signs

Lake Dillon Fire now is offering half-price street-address signs to district residents, backed by $10,000 in matching funds approved by the Summit County Wildfire Council and the Summit County Commissioners as part of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Implementation Grant.

“Inadequate street-addresses have been identified as a major shortcoming throughout Summit County, particularly in rural areas,” said Lake Dillon Fire Chief Dave Parmley. “Signs posted on wood boards, signs nailed to trees, signs without reflective or even contrasting numbers may be quaint, rustic or even artistic, but they make finding addresses very difficult. In some instances, valuable emergency-response time is lost trying to determine the address of a home.”

Residents in the Lake Dillon Fire Protection District now may purchase high-quality, durable aluminum signs with a brown or green reflective background and high-contrasting five-inch letters for $15 each. If needed, a 7-foot steel post also may be purchased for $17.50. Assistance with placement or installation can be provided by Lake Dillon Fire personnel upon request.

The signs, which are 6×24 inches for four-digit addresses and 6×30 inches for five-digit addresses, meet the current International Building Code adopted by Summit County. They may be ordered either in a vertical or a horizontal display, and they must be posted to be visible at the street end of the property’s driveway.

For more information or to apply for the program, please call Lake Dillon Fire at (970) 262-5100. You may also stop by the administrative station at 401 Blue River Parkway in Silverthorne or Station 2 in Frisco at 301 S. Eighth Ave.

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