Press release: Lake Dillon Fire tackles string of wildfires in drying grass




1 July 2014


Contact: Steve Lipsher, Public Information Officer

Office: (970) 262-5209



Lake Dillon Fire tackles string of wildfires in drying grass, braces for holiday weekend


Firefighters from Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue, assisted by crews from Copper Mountain Fire and Red, White & Blue Fire, worked Monday afternoon to extinguish three small wildfires along the Heeney Road.

The fires, which were reported shortly before 3 p.m., appear to be related and may have been the result of a faulty vehicle or mechanical activity, but no exact cause could be determined. Each was limited to less than an acre.

“The grasses are still fairly green down there and that helped keep the fires small, but we know that as we reach the hot days of summer the risk increases,” said Lake Dillon Fire Deputy Chief Jeff Berino.

With the Fourth of July weekend just ahead, officials at Lake Dillon Fire want to remind locals and visitors to be very careful with campfires. Never leave them unattended – even  for a minute – keep a way to extinguish the fire close at hand, and douse fires and stir the coals until they are cool to the touch. Additionally, it is your responsibility to know the dangers and the laws about fireworks: Essentially, if it flies or explodes, it’s illegal in Summit County, and local law-enforcement agencies will be vigorous in their pursuit of violators. Fireworks of any type are strictly forbidden in the national forests.



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