Mount Powell Ranch wildfire 5 May 2014


Jim Donlon of the Pass Creek Ranch took some great photos of our fire crews — joined by those from Red, White & Blue, Copper Mountain, the High Country Training Center and the U.S. Forest Service — battling a small wildfire north of Silverthorne at the Mount Powell Ranch on 5 May 2014.

DSC_1091 jim donlon


DSC_1130 jim donlon


DSC_1154 jim donlon


DSC_1199 jim donlon


DSC_1208 jim donlon


DSC_1235 jim donlon


DSC_1243 jim donlon


DSC_1244 jim donlon


DSC_1255 jim donlon


DSC_1260 jim donlon


DSC_1266 jim donlon


DSC_1272 jim donlon


DSC_1274 jim donlon


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