Press release: Lake Dillon Fire temporarily quashes open burn permits in district



19 June 2013


Contact: Steve Lipsher, Public Information Officer

Office: (970) 262-5209



Lake Dillon Fire temporarily quashes open burn permits in district

Given the ever-present threat of wildfire and the current demands on the region’s firefighters battling major blazes in Colorado, Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue temporarily has stopped issuing burn permits for slash piles and will not allow existing permit-holders to burn their piles.

“We all have seen the tragic consequences of wildfires yet again in our state, and we want to do everything we can to prevent an out-of-control blaze here in Summit County,” said Lake Dillon Fire Chief Dave Parmley. “This is a worthwhile precaution, especially as we have three teams of firefighters out of the county on the Black Forest fire, as well as two other wildfire leaders assigned to other blazes.”

Parmley noted that the fire departments in Summit County remain fully staffed due to “backfilled” firefighters on overtime, paid by the federal government as part of the standard arrangement for out-of-district wildfire assignments.

Although the fire danger in Summit County remains at “moderate,” wildfires can occur here under any condition due to the nature of the fire-prone vegetation, he said. The ban on burning slash piles will be re-evaluated by the second week in July.

The ban does not prohibit recreational campfires – limited to no more than three feet in diameter and two-foot flame heights – but fire officials caution campers to never leave a fire unattended, always have a water source or extinguisher immediately available, and afterwards douse the fire to the point that the coals are cool to the touch.


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